In early Christmas time, the Croatian Lottery organized an all-night show at Casino Hotel International. The luxurious hotel is located in the very center of the business district. It is a top choice for business guests as well as tourists visiting Zagreb. That is why this hotel was the best choice for this event. The event was conceived as a formal after-work party on Friday, December 16th 2016, where we performed thanks to Mrs. Natali Woska. The Christmas decoration of the city moved into the interior of the hotel, and we, as the main entertainers, have brought a vivid spirit, positive energy and desire for disco dance. Shining decorations on the walls, Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments, balloons and indispensable disco balls decorated the entire space, leaving an impression of a real Christmas spell.

Disco fever began early in the evening and we started a luxury limousine tour accompanied by young TV-hosts of the Croatian Lottery. While listening to the hits of the seventies, drinking champagne and having fun, we managed to take a few selfies so that later we could remember the beginning of this exciting night. After a short tour of the city, we returned to the Casino Hotel which was almost crowded.

Prior to the show, guests had the chance to try their luck at various machines, play card games at one of the many tables or simply chat with guests or our beautiful hostesses. In addition, great attention was drawn to Vjenceslav Madić, known as Master Kishoni, in his disco cocktail corner. The visitors were delighted with his mastery skills in making cocktails, which was confirmed by the number of cocktails he made. Master Kishoni is a top cocktail master who has made 200 free cocktails for his guests on his mobile booth with Flaire Show featuring disco music.

The Croatian lottery enriched this evening with Bingo, a game that could be played almost all night. To refresh it, they set up Tržan for the host, with whom the fun was guaranteed. Music was provided by DJ Jura, who played the greatest hits and made the visitors’ stay in the Casino unforgettable. Guests enjoyed his DJ programme during the whole evening. They also had the opportunity to order their favorite songs before and after the main show.

The visitors were also able to enjoy a lovely dinner. Such a rich and energetic evening programme required tasty food, and the guests were more than satisfied with various canapes, meat dishes, salads, pasta and of course, cakes and pastries. After a gorgeous dinner, everyone was ready for the main attraction.

The main attraction was the performance called “The real truth about disco dance”, an interactive stand-up show featuring stand-up comedian and dancer Tomislav Tržan, DJ Jura and two attractive dancers. Along with their glasses of wine, champagne, cocktail or juice, everyone was ready to join us in that disco fever. Hearing the songs from the seventies filled the guests with nostalgia which is why they fought for their place in the first rows. Tomislav Tržan has even come down from the stage at one point in order to show the movements of the new era. He did the windmill, the robot dance and even beatboxed, and was greeted with great applause. After that, we continued with movements that were easier to follow. This exciting evening was filled with content for everyone and the dance continued long into the night.

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