Eight Performances In Rabac!

We spent the hot, warm summer of 2017 in the beautiful little town of Rabac. Rabac is a well-known tourist destination on the south-east coast of Istria. Due to a series of beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear sea it is rightly named the pearl of Istria. It is suitable for all those who seek relaxation in the rich range of recreational offers ...

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Casino International

In early Christmas time, the Croatian Lottery organized an all-night show at Casino Hotel International. The luxurious hotel is located in the very center of the business district. It is a top choice for business guests as well as tourists visiting Zagreb. That is why this hotel was the best choice for this event. The event was conceived as a forma ...

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Vodice Street Festival

The start of the tourist season in Vodice brings a lot of fun and surprises. It is only the beginning of warm and hot summer and Vodice are filled with tourists, sun and good mood. That is because the “Tourist Board of Vodice” cares about its visitors. “Vodice Street Festival” were organised from 7th to 9th July 2017, and we ...

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