Tomislav Tržan

He is certainly an authority in the field of entertainment, due to the fact that he has been performing for 30 years, first as a Breakdance dancer in the 80s where he began to win the titles with his group ”101 Break” and then exploded in the 1990’s as a follow up dancer for Ivana Banfić. He was also crowned by a 12-year cooperation with Boris Novkovic, with whom he represented Croatia at Eurosong 2005 in Kiev.

Since 1997 he is the owner and leader of “Dance studio TT”. In 2015 he became a co-author of the show ”The Real Truth About Disco Dance”. Working along with Kishoni and DJ Jura a new page of entertaining animating programs is opened, with the latest performance “The Real Truth About Cocktails”, which will definately become a hit, because of its unique combination of music, dance, stand-up comedy and the creation of top cocktails.