Audience feedback

Slaven Kusic / Caterer

The team from “The Real Truth About Disco Dance” has literally blew our minds !!! We have forgotten about everyday worries and problems during that hour and a half, and that is the most original and the best fun we have had in our bar. Everyone there was laughing in tears. We cannot wait to invite you again.

Slaven Kušić

Tamara Berec / Choreographer

Imaginative, entertaining, funny and educational! An hour of amusing entertainment with a cheerful team in crazy costumes. I strongly recommend!

Tamara Berec

Damir Knezic / Advisor

So, that was downright the real truth about disco dance, with great music and a crazy dancer. You have got us on our feet and made us laugh, so you had to repeat it as a surprise to the guests at our 25th wedding anniversary celebration…

Damir Knezić

Tanja Abicic / Entrepreneur

My first arrival to this play in Katran, where our friend Trle had a performance was quite random … it was not planned, my friends decided we’re going and it was really the most amazing night out.. I can only add that I’m really looking forward to seeing this show again because the pleasure is guaranteed.

Tanja Abičić

Aryan Ivankovic / Illusionist

Such a dance performance is rarely seen, it is actually unique because I haven’t seen it anywhere. I love the interaction with the audience, it’s very educational, dynamic and amusing. I’m happy that I had the chance to see it live.

Aryan Ivanković

Renata Katavic / TV Host

It is true that the truth about disco dance is a amusing, humorous and positive dance show in which every generation can enjoy, literally every, from 3 to a 100 years old. Interaction with the audience is very good, kids are dancing the whole time and are not taking their eyes of Tržan, his wig and interesting disco costumes. Lots, lots, lots of positive energy and simply fun!

Renata Katavić

Boris Lukovic / Masseur

I’ve watched the show on two occasions, once in a small crowded place of a local cafe, in a more intimate atmosphere, where the interaction with the performers was right on, we could see everything that was happening because there was no curtains, but the organization was also on the level of good mood even on the big stage in front of a mass of people. Trle and Jura can really do high-level entertainment, and in both cases they have made us laugh, to fool around and dance. Not to mention the costumes and dancers that have really succeeded in highlighting the Disco world in the brightest light. On the big stage, it was truly a spectacle that made everyone to get up on their feet and start dancing. I remember that everyone who ”meant something” came. I love this show and as soon as I get the chance, I’ll be there in the audience.

Boris Luković

Iva Solarevic-Jelicic / Professor

Fantastic interactive show for kids and adults! This show puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and starts up your body, if you indulge in the vibes of great DJ Jura’s music and the fantastic guidance of master of fun and dance – TT. I could even call it the perfect anti-stress program 🙂

Iva Solarević-Jeličić

Dino Zaric / Waiter

Original, authentic, fun. The interaction between the audience and the performer is great because the audience is actively participating in the show itself, not just a passively observing. So far I have not seen anything like that, in one word – excellent.

Dino Zarić

Dijana Mihok / Doctor

I was watching this unique combination of stand-up comedy and dance show, where you also can dance and I was thrilled. You cannot find such combination anywhere! I was having a really great time, laughing and stretching with disco music of the 80s. Definitely take a look! It will relax you, amuse you and rejuvenate!

Dijana Mihok

Goran Mandic / Trader

It is a top performance, we’ve watched it twice and I give my recommendations, especially in a circle of friends who know what a good time is.

Goran Mandić

Javorka Julijan / Trainer

That was, for me, a brilliant dance-music show filled with jokes and laughter, which has brought me back to my carefree childhood. At the time I was a tough kid who loved dancing and hanging out with friends in the old discotheques in Zagreb. Tržan’s and Zoki’s performance really impressed me and made me laugh. I won’t forget the dancers who have wonderfully fused in the whole show which I’ll always be happy to look over and listen again. Unique, original and fun, suitable for every party.

Javorka Julijan

Ivan Loncaric / Economist

People! This is something you should definitely see, look, experience… madness. Finally two experts stood in front of the audience and entertained them with the truth surrounding us that we sometimes hide very well. I really recommend the show to everyone, young and old, girls and boys.

Ivan Lončarić

Sanja Pirc / Official

I watched them on 22nd of October 2016 for the first time and I haven’t laughed like that for so long. I watched the show several times and each time I was laughing in tears. It’s worth to see!

Sanja Pirc

Davor Rankovic / HU Oracle

The real truth about disco dance is very fun and nostalgic. It brings out memories when we ourselves were throwing a little dance in discotheques trying to bring the attention of the opposite sex. And where was Tomislav Tržan then to show us how to dance? The choice of disco hits that the DJ plays is excellent, dancers are synchronized and Tomislav Tržan is in his playfulness, performing excitement at the border of madness, maestral. My warm recommendations.

Davor Ranković

Sanja Latkovic / Makeup Artist

Genious! Exciting! Fantastic! I had a chance to attend the show several times and each time I literally enjoyed it like the very first time… and I LOVE IT!!!! Incredibly interesting, funny and amusing. It’s definitely something different from everything that can be seen. It’s great that you can also take part in the show …

Sanja Latković

Renato Dosic / Musician

The musical-stage spectacle that was produced and guided by the 35-year experience of Tomislav Tržan, “disco dance history” is a brilliant way of going through history and evolution of dance. Tomislav Tržan, an athlete, choreographer and a former member of breakdance group “Break 101” after all these years, unselfishly conveys his knowledge and experience on younger generations. Looking at this dance-costimographic show, I was thrilled with the number of kids which found the dance very interesting and, above all, educative and healthy. Dance not only develops the body but also imposes the obligation of training, and then ensures a good quality leisure time with the people of same mind. Great idea and realization that deserves as many viewers as possible.

Renato Đošić - Renman

Mateja Kovacic / Student

I enjoyed the dance performances of the disco hits of this lovely square, I was even encouraged to show off my dance skills, the atmosphere was especially heated up by pretty dancers… the show is great for laughing and dancing. I recommend everyone to look at this madness!

Mateja Kovačić

Neven Banfic / Musician

I watched the show and laughed in tears, I recommend everyone to watch it and I’m sure each of you will find yourself in the show.

Neven Banfić

Rina Ivanovic / Entrepreneur

I recommend the show to everyone who wants to laugh sincerely. We need more of this original content where we can have a good time and dance off. I’ve never seen such a concept of fun so far. Super!!!

Rina Ivanović

Filip Bogovic / Athlete

Great idea and performance. Fun is guaranteed, humor, dance and music, everything is great. Of course it’s worth to watch!

Filip Bogović

Suzy Besednik / Economist

The show made us dance ourselves, but the team from ”The real truth about disco dance” is unbeatable, unrepeatable and unique. Simply phenomenal. We’ve watched it several times and every time is like first time. Just perfect …

Suzana Besednik

Andreya Alpeza / Housewife

It’s a great show….. very dynamic with lots of good disco music… there is not a moment of boredom ….. Moreover, it is filled with good humor.

Andreya Alpeza