About the play

The real truth about cocktails

Such a never-seen-before form of entertainment is innovation in the world of entertainment programs. This performance is a combination of laughter, dance, competition, entertainment and interaction with the audience, but is also educational. In a form of a 60-minute show, there is an unmistakable mastery and ability to create top cocktails by Vjenceslav Madić (Master Kishoni) by the author’s recipe, accompanied by the comedian Tržan-Jurić and their attractive dancers. Throughout the show, about 60 cocktails are distributed to the audience.


Do you know the real truth about the cocktail called “Sex on the beach”?

Which dance moves did you use during sipping on Cuban cocktails?

Did you know how James Bond ordered his favorite cocktail Vodka-Martini?

The answers to these and similar questions you can find out on our show “The Real Truth About Cocktails”.