The start of the tourist season in Vodice brings a lot of fun and surprises. It is only the beginning of warm and hot summer and Vodice are filled with tourists, sun and good mood. That is because the “Tourist Board of Vodice” cares about its visitors. “Vodice Street Festival” were organised from 7th to 9th July 2017, and we were the ones who performed at the opening! The tourist season for some represent a vacation, while for entertainers, animators, and for us, numerous performances.

Our little, but always cheerful team started our journey early in the morning that Friday. Fast, but surely, we traveled to the sea to catch at least some refreshment time in the Adriatic. Since we are all from Zagreb and our summer is always busy, the performances on the shore give us a chance to see numerous places, visit a number of beaches, and apart from dancing, practise on swimming skills.

After arriving in this magnificent town located in a wide bay, we were greeted by kind Anita Franin Pečarica, director of “TB Vodice” and one of the organizers of the festival. The Vodice Street Festival is one of the novelties in Vodice where visitors can enjoy day and night activities throughout the weekend. The festival is located on the stone passages of the guide’s historic core, which are the ideal stage for the most enjoyable city festival! Art galleries, exhibitions, concerts and street entertainers have revived the most hidden corners of the city, to the joy of all visitors, especially the youngest ones. That is why our interactive play was the ideal start to such an event. In addition to the mentioned festival, it was also the opening day of one of the biggest tourist investments in Croatia – luxury hotel Olympia Sky.

The good atmosphere in the city did not slack even in the evening. Dressed in shimmering costumes with wigs on our heads, we brought attention in the amphitheater. As it always happens, our viewers are timid at first until the hits of the seventies begin. The show started at 9.30 p.m. and Tomislav Tržan immediately started with the jokes that attracted those who seemed “uninterested” at first. Slowly, but surely, the seating area became full, and people were looking at the stage trying to catch a piece of that disco fever. As always, the closest to the stage are our biggest fans – the youngest ones, who are following our dance moves from the beginning to the end of the show. Together, we practiced dance moves which they imitated without any mistakes. Even the heat did not stop the grown ups from joining us. They remembered how they enjoyed their youth. The performance full of laughter, dance, fun and carelessness ended with joyful greeting, hoping to meet again quickly. It was quite an experience that day and we were delighted with the comments we had been praised for. The organizers were satisfied with the number of viewers and the reaction of the audience, which is a great compliment for us.

Tired but satisfied with the performance, we were treated with delicious seafood delicacies after the show. It was a real refreshment for that hot summer evening along with the smell of the sea, the summer breeze and the sea waves. We slowly began to say our goodbyes. We headed toward the apartments where we stayed overnight, and the next day we continued our journey.

After a wonderful reception and outstanding hospitality, we can only thank everyone who welcomed us and had a great time with us, especially “TB Vodice” and the charming lady Anita. Her exceptional professionalism particularly impressed us. We hope that this city festival will also be revived in the following summer so that everyone will once again have the opportunity to socialize and dance on the greatest disco hits.

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