We spent the hot, warm summer of 2017 in the beautiful little town of Rabac. Rabac is a well-known tourist destination on the south-east coast of Istria. Due to a series of beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear sea it is rightly named the pearl of Istria. It is suitable for all those who seek relaxation in the rich range of recreational offers with quality accommodation in hotels, apartments, private accommodation and camping.

Although it is the only camping site in Rabac, the Oliva camp has a capacity of 1700 guests. The Oliva camp is located in the olive grove in Maslinica bay, next to the pebble beach, one of the most popular beaches in Rabac. The beach is also bordered by several hotels that together with the camp comprise a tourist complex with additional facilities such as tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, kiosks and mini-markets. Camp Oliva was our destination where we performed every Sunday from the beginning of July until the end of August 2017. We were hired by Goran Zahtila, Procurator of the Maslinica rabble and winner of the Best Manager award in 2016 in the category of medium-sized companies traditionally awarded by the Croatian Association of Managers and Entrepreneurs (HUM-CROMA).

Visitors of the camp have had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of events every day. From Latin dancers, magician’s show, animators to our interactive dance stand-up show, “The real truth about disco dance”. The rich content during the whole season made the stay of campers much more enjoyable. That is precisely why Rabac is becoming a small tourist destination more and more popular every year. During the day, the camp’s guests had the opportunity to enjoy the sea at the beautiful pebble beach, walk along the promenade to the center and harbor where numerous restaurants and bars are located or simply relax and enjoy the view. On the one hand, the camp si surrounded by a dense forest, and on the other by the blue sea, the islands and the unspoilt Adriatic. Campsites are interwoven with walkways and cycling trails, which is another option for activities during the day.

Every Sunday morning in July and August, our small group, always ready for fun and laughter, would start our road trip with a big van. We did not want to miss swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful beach in the camp bay. In the evening, the main attraction would start at the Grill restaurant in the camp. After dinner at the restaurant, guests could take part in our interactive show. Dressed in shiny costumes with wigs and jewelery, guests would stare at us excitedly waiting for what followed. The curious children came to us before each show and playfully watched what we were going to do. The relaxed atmosphere, the beach view, the smell of the sea and the delicious food were the reasons why all the visitors were extremely happy and especially pleased with our performance. Evening full of laughter, fun and dance would end very quickly. As the saying goes: time flies when you’re having fun.

The separation was not that difficult as we knew that next Sunday we would visit this beautiful place again. However, everything comes to an end, and so does the summer in Rabac. Our final performance was particularly difficult. One reason was that the viewers were especially included in the play itself and made it unforgettable. Our group became very attached to this mysterious and charming place, to our audience and to all the beautiful adventures we have experienced here, which is also why it hadn’t been easy to leave. Despite this, we’ll remember the beautiful moments spent here and we look forward to the next summer to find out where to embark on new adventures.

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